jueves, 21 de agosto de 2014



To Sylvia Plath.
Life is changing hands.
Everybody is here
but "We are alone"

bellows the sky.
The world is around us.
Wake up, my dear.
Neither Insomnia nor Fur
belong to us
and there is a bright shadow
on your face
and there is a light
on your navel, so
you have reached an impasse.
The monster of your scene
is no more near by.
Your breath oozes with damp
right now.
I know you, darling,
Your aren’t a Jewish princess,
even if you are mine.
Just a middle class baby crying
that your nightmare is getting
worse than ever.
Open your eyes,
Up and down.
don’t slip,
don’t sleep
with a beautiful suicide.
Bad dreams are hectic rivers.
Forget your fears
And come.
Peer into this new verve
your old mind.
Record these words,
and be fine.

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