domingo, 31 de mayo de 2015

When I met

When I met Joachim (the name of my Muse)
in former times
I thought I could die in his arms
he was the most wonderful person
I could expect to feel,
he turned into my soul
like a sign, very nice indeed.
He slept in my mind
resting overseas.

My heart was crying hard.
He gave me excitation and
and never, never call me back.

And I loved him so much,
so much.
I felt we were getting older
and older in eternity.
We went about in a daze.
Tell me why
he isn´t here any time.

Our love seemed to have wings.
Now, I miss him day and night.

The net bird is full of dust.
as dry as my heart.
The storm was a real dump
when I open my eyes.
I am down, down, down.

What does the Bible says:
¿are there spirits on earth?
If so, he was the messenger
of the Fire since his birth.

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